Sunday, May 8, 2011

Childbirth is Normal! Not an emergency!!!

   As a culturized society we have been led to believe that childbirth is an emergnecy!  But childbirth indeed is quit the opposite!  We as a soceity have been led to believe that we are to put our trust FULLY in our OB's!  Women go into their prenatal visits hoping to hear the answers they're looking for without a thought of opening a childbirth book themselves.  I find it puzzling how something so spirtiually, emotionally, mentally, and physically entacted to who you are as a woman is NOT looked at as something of concern!  We spend time working to have the living we want, the house we want, the car we want and yada, yada, yada.  But we don't care to invest time, energy, research, passion, and oh *gasp* money into childbith to have the best childbirth experience without any doubts, regrets, or fears.


  No we would rather go into a prenatal visit for the five minutes the OB sees you and listen to all of their insights of how we should birth our babies.  We go in strip down to sit on a thin sheet of paper in a cold small room.  We are scared to ask questions and just sit there and nod our heads to everything the OB says we SHOULD do.  Do you ever think to ask "why"?  I can answer that for you!  Because we think it's normal!  It's been driven into our minds that we are to go and be quiet not knowing what the test is for and "if" we can refuse it.  We have been taught that the OB's have ALL the answers they know what's best for you and your baby!  Someone you just met knows your body better than you? I think not...

   We are encouraged to take drugs during labor because the pain is so hard to bare.  (in some cases not all)  Very rarely do you hear an approach to childbirth being work!  Hence the word "labor"  We as women need to reach deep down inside and find the will power to birth our babies the way God made our bodies to do it.  We don't need any unnecessary interventions to help us birth our blessings!  We just need to be encouraged to trust birth and to trust that God made our bodies to do this!  Instead we have doctors telling us that we have to have our babies on the date estimated by them.  If we don't clearly something is wrong with us and we need some help! WRONG!!!


    There is no expiration date on your pregnancy!  Listen to your body and trust the innate to do what it's suppose to do.  Positioning is another factor that is pressed upon women!  Oh your baby is breech, tranverse, etc...Which we find that baby knows what postion is best!  Many times because of OB's not supporting women on birthing babies who are in these postions they are pressed for an induction or worse a cesarean.  With little or no knowledge of sucessful birth with these postions many women listen and go down the path of endless interventions.  This shouldn't be!  Throughout the whole pregnacy journey women should be diving into books and reading all there is to know about childbirth.

   Education is key to a successful childbirth experience.  During your pregnancy if any medical condition arises such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, GBS, fifth's disease, etc.  You should learn all there is to know about these disesas and conditions.  I will also add that these conditions doesn't necessarly qualify you for an induction or cesarean (in most cases)!  Don't allow these conditions to create fear into not having the best birth you can.  If your OB is not going to support your decisions reguarding YOUR birth then find someone who will!  Your voice does matter and it's your body and bith.  I encourage you to know what you want out of your birth experience and go for it!  Surround yourself with people who will support you and stand with you when things tend to go against the "norm" if you will.

   Childbirth should be a honor to expereince!  No woman shouldn't be robbed of the priviledge to birth her precious blessing!  So go for it do what seems to be against the main stream of the society!  TRUST BIRTH!!!