Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Tramatic Cesarean Section with Baby #1

   I went to my prenatal appointment as schelduled with DS.  OB checked my vital signs and of course I had to pee in a cup and go back out in the waiting area.  As I sat there occasionally talking to other pregnant moms and asking the typical "How far are you? "Is this your first baby?" blah blah blah talk...


    I hear a nurse (or someone on medical staff) call my name and I got to sit on the white loud paper.  I was 40+3 wks at this time and the OB wanted to get an ultrasound to "make sure" everything was okay.  "Your fluid is low"  said the ultrasound tech.  I said what does that mean.  This is an excuse to get labor started she replied.  So she called the hospital behind us and told them to get a room ready for me.  I told my husband and we scrambled as we were caught off guard and had to go back home to get the labor bag.


  I grab my labor bag and maybe things not needed at the time but as women we want to be sure the we pack almost everything.  The ride back was hard I was scared I didn't know what to expect and I didn't have any knowledge on how to even go through labor or breastfeeding. (I was young)  Going to check in seemed like a lifetime of questions and waiting.  Finally in my room and now it's time! A nurse came in and got me ready starting an IV and getting anything I needed at the time.

  No one explained that they were inducing me and giving me pitocin.  My contractions started and it seemed like a normal menstral cycle.  I figured hey if this is it then I'm set I can do this.  Little did I know the affects of the pitocin would make my baby's heartrate sky rocket and my blood pressure to bottom out and become unstable.  Time was passing very slow and it seemed like nothing was happening.  Then my labor took a turn for the worse.


 I was informed that baby's heartrate keeps dropping and they wanted to put internal monitors on baby's head (yes inside my woohoo).  The first attempt failed and I thought I was dying at this point.  Second attempt by a differnt nurse no success.  So they called in an OB who was on call and he wasn't gentle at all.  He shoved his hand up my vagina and seemed to twist and turn it and still no monitors were attached to baby's head.  At this point I was sore and angry.  The nurse said she would give me some pain medication and allow me to rest.

  I was informed if the baby's heartrate continued to drop they would do a cesarean section.  I started to cry because I didn't understand why all of this was happening.  I attempted to stay calm and eventually dosed off.  Then what felt like a minute of sleep a number of medical personel came flooding in my room and asked me to get on all fours.  There  were so many people talking and one stated to me that I have to have a c/s.

  Tears streamed down my eyes as I was wheeled out of my room to an operating room and my husband stood afar off and I could see the tears in his eyes as he didn't understand what was going on and why.  I remember the fear that took over me and I felt helpless and abandoned.  Voices were all around me and I remember them talking amongst themselves and one said "Do we have time to shave her?" "No" was the reply.

   Then a nurse looked down at me and said they're going to pour something cold on you.  As they poured this ice cold liquid on me I was unaware that they were gassing me.  I remember looking at the OB and reaching for his hand then I was out.  I later woke up to a very intense pain and I felt like I was hit by a train.  I was moaning and groaning and in and out of conscienceness.  I didn't get to see or hold my baby until a day or two later.  No one told me how bad the pain would be to walk, sit up, cough, sneeze, hold him, go to the bathroom, breath, or even just move.


 The pain was out of this world bad and I cried when I tried to move or sit up because it was so horrible.  My baby would cry and it took what seemed like forever to turn on my side and sit up to reach in the plastic bassinet thingamagig. I didn't get to breastfeed and everyone else held him before me.  I felt robbed!!! Why, and how could this have happened to an very healthy pregnant woman.  How did I go from being a happy young woman awaiting her baby's arrival to a sore confused mom who doesn't know where to start.  I was like many young moms uneducated!  I though that the OB's knew best for me and thats all that matters.


  Well I'm here to tell you that's not true!  Educate yourself and know what your rights are.  My prayer and goal for this blog is that woman will seek the truth on childbirth.  You don't have to go through what I went through!  Read and go to natural childbirth classes and get all the education you can.


  1. This is horrific. I am so sorry....

    How terrifying... Do you feel like they took advantage of you because you were so young... :( It seams to me like sometimes they prey on the women who are not openly active about their births, especially when we don't know we should be. And in reverse... they bully the women who do know about what their options in a power struggle sort of way.

    My horror story did not end in c-sec but they threatened it, in a scare tactic sort of way like, "push or we are cutting you open!" how horrible?

    Thank you for sharing this... and thank you for being able to see this as a testimony of power that the Lord can use. It takes a strong women to stand up in faith after such an ordeal and allow herself to be healed. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  2. I can't say how sorry I am to hear your story. I had a pretty traumatic first birth. It was short, 4 hrs for my first, but his heart rate kept dropping then they lost it. He went into shock and I just shoved him out. Tore 4th degree, 4 hour surgery, 2 blood transfusions, and liquid morphine for 2 days. But though it all, I still have faith in my body and I am due again in Sept. Trying for a natural birth again, much to my obgyn's displeasure. It made me a stronger woman is all. I hope you had better births since your first. Thanks for sharing your story to help other women in their births.

  3. Shanon thank you! It took alot for me to share this but I know that it will touch someone who has been through the same thing to let them know they are not alone. I want to use this as a testimony and help women avoid unnecesareans. Thank you for reading! :)

  4. Tammy thank you! I had another unecesarean with my 2nd story to come soon on the blog. But my 3rd was a sucessful UBA2C and this started my healing process from being told that I couldn't birth my babies! Thanks for reading and I will have more blogs to follow!