Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Taking the Horror out of Childbirth!"

Contractions, breathing, and pushing oh my.
     Why is it that we have been cultured to think that childbirth is a diesease?  I walk up on conversations all the time about childbirth and how "AWEFUL" it is.  God made our bodies to carry, birth, and feed our precious babies and we can do it without an OB shoving their hands inside us and strapping us to a bed with our legs spread eagle.  I'm not against hospitals but it can tend to go to the extreme on how we view childbirth as a society.  If we dare choice to trust our bodies and birth the way we feel then they label us as putting our babies in danger.  Homebirth oh that's another story for another day.  Truth be told woman have been having babies since Cain, and Abel.  I just want to speak on behalf of all women today and say " You were made to birth"!  Psalm 139:14 says " were fearfully and wonderfully made..."  Wow fearfully and wonderfully made!  You can birth you baby the way you feel and trust birth!  I've had two c/s and one unassisted birth!  I know what it feels like to be told your body CAN'T work and that I will NEVER be able to have a vaginal birth.
   Well I guess I proved them wrong!  It took alot of determination and support from family and friends!  I got linked up with ICAN and began my journey to having the birth I wanted!  I educated myself and worked through fears and all the critizism that the OB's declared over me.  Was it easy no but I was determined to find answers to why they told me I couldn't birth my babies.  This is why I started my blog because I want to help people that see themselves in the same boat I was in many years ago.  Young, uneducated, afraid, helpless, hopeless, just down right feeling low.  I want to tell woman how they CAN birth their babies.  You don't have to be afraid pop on over and let me be your support along with the other mama's who may pop over to give you their personal experience.


  1. You have a powerful story to share and I’m excited to read more. I share your passion for childbirth and lowering the rate of c-sections!!! Best wishes!

  2. Plus Size Mommy Memoirs thanks for your support! You are wonderful and I read your blogs as well! Keep doing what you do and we together will get the c/s rate down one state at a time!